COVID 19 - Factory Closed

Our factory is now closed due to goverment guidelines, we are unable to manufacture during this time, but you are still free to order - and they will be very gratefully recieved, we do have stock of most of our items, but please do not expect delivery to be next day ! We will do what we can to engrave and dispatch any orders and contact you if we have any problems. Take care and stay safe :)

Pewter Sheet
Pewter Sheet Cut to Size
Pewter Circles
Casting Alloy & Mouldmaking
Solder, Wire & Flux
Other Metal
Pewter Parts

Pewter Craft - metalsmithing made easy

Our easy-to-use, pre-cut pieces give budding metalsmiths a head start in creating their own products. Whether you’re a metalwork designer, craft lover or an organiser of a metalwork course, we make it easy to work out quantity and price. Simply select the size you need and instantly see how much it costs.

Working with pewter

Pewter retains its sheen, is hardwearing and is incredibly pliable. This unique combination of qualities makes it the ideal metal for developing new products with minimum upfront investment in tools and equipment.

Pewter expertise and advice

Pewter Craft is run by Wentworth Pewter one of the last remaining pewtersmiths in the UK. Give us a call if you need tips and advice on working with pewter from our friendly team of pewter specialists.

Guarantee and delivery

We offer fast delivery with next day dispatch in most cases, a no quibble guarantee on quality and a no quibble returns policy.

We’re here to help you find your passion for your pewter!