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solders used for pewtersmithing

100% Tin Solder 2mm gauge Price is per 100 grams - change quantity for larger amounts Sold in wire formTin soldering pewter is a skilled process much care is needed to keep the flame moving and fast along peice you are soldering once the solder starts to flow, the melting point of the solder is very close to that of the pewter sheet. It will however create a very strong join.Our alternative solder a combination of tin and bismuith is still lead free but much faster flowing and easier to use.can also be used as a wire for decoration, findings etc

Fast Running Solder Wire 2mm

Fast Running Solder Lead Free57% Bismuth 43% Tin 2mm GaugeSold on the reel in 100 gram Units

Flux For Pewter Soldering

Liquid Flux suitable for use when soldering any of our pewter / solder combinationsSold in 60ml bottles